COPCONUT | Protecting social networks of influencers
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Copconut seguridad

Copconut protects your social networks of influencers so that you can take advantage of them without fear of losing them.

We implement good security practices on your accounts to protect you against hackers and haters.

Seguridad redes sociales

We implement good security practices on your accounts to protect you against hackers and haters.

We help you stay safe from phishing and other threats.

Seguridad contra haters

We manage the recovery of your account if you lose it.

Soluciones de seguridad para influencers
Protección contra hackers y haters

If all our protocols fail our team will do everything possible to recover your account.

Do the attacks you get every day stress you out?

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Relax with Copconut!


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Seguridad redes sociales

From the 2016 our team has worked with influencers to help them keep their accounts safe.

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We are a Latino startup that understands the enormous amount of blood, sweat and tears you have invested in your accounts to grow.

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We have experience identifying and preventing cyber risk factors, easing the anxiety of affected influencers and recovering your hacked accounts.

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We value in our members the empathy, curiosity and tenacity that our digital work requires.

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Copconut - Protege tus redes sociales

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